Beneath the Western Stars and nestled among the Eastern Sierras, between Death Valley and Yosemite, you’ll find the historic Winnedumah Hotel and the charm of old-fashioned hospitality- life is a bit simpler and the stars shine a bit brighter here.


Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or in search of adventure, Independence offers access to outdoor activities, history, and a stunning landscape.


Our 25 guestrooms remain true to their 1920’s roots: simple, welcoming and warm.  For explorers of all kinds- a comfortable bed, a hearty breakfast, and a place to call home.


With its special place in the story of Hollywood’s Wild West, our hotel offers a window to the past and is located in an area rich with history, from Manzanar to the Alabama Hills.

the historic winnedumah hotel


Built in the 1920’s to house the cast of Western Film crews that spent their summers filming in the Alabama Hills, the Winnedumah Hotel has welcomed travelers to Independence for nearly 100 years. Home to the Pauite-Shoshone tribe, John Wayne once rode through here, so did the Lone Ranger, Hop-Along Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. To Hollywood, it was the Wild West, but for us, it’s a peaceful gateway to the beautiful Eastern Sierra Mountains, Mount Whitney, and the iconic Alabama Hills. Come stay with us and enjoy nearby hiking, fishing, and spectacular sightseeing-or just curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book.